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Instructions to get your Taint characters fully set up on Enjin

Please carefully follow the steps below to ensure that you get your Taint characters properly set up on this website.  You may want to open up a second window to perform the steps below while leaving this set of instructions available.  Again, you are not finished with the steps below until all of your current Taint characters are listed on your profile page in the Rough Trade Gaming Community group.  Without your characters listed, Name2Face will not work properly for your account.

1.  Is your account name now showing in the upper right corner of this screen?
Yes - Proceed to bullet point 2
No - Do you have an Enjin account?
Yes - Click "Login" in the upper right of the screen, sign in, then proceed to bullet point 2.
No - Click "Register" in the upper right of this screen, set up an account and password, complete the RTGC application, verify your account via the e-mail you receive, then wait for your application to RTGC to be approved.  Once approved, sign in, return to this page, and go to bullet point 2.

2.  Click on your account name in the upper right corner of this screen to go to your profile page

3.  Click on the "Characters" tab in the menu under your name in the middle of the page

4.  Is "THE ROUGH TRADE GAMING COMMUNITY characters" an option in the drop-down box?
Yes - Make sure you choose "THE ROUGH TRADE GAMING COMMUNITY characters" in the drop-down box, click on "Add Character" and enter your character information.  Repeat for all Taint characters.  Do not enter characters in other guilds.  Proceed to bullet point 5.
No - You need to apply to the Rough Trade Gaming Community at, wait for approval, then add your Taint characters as stated above.

5..  If you are an active Warcraft player, log into the characters you added above, hit "J" to bring up the guild roster, choose "Guild Status" in the drop-down, find your character in the list, click on it so that a window opens up to the right, and change the "Note" to say "ENJIN".  Repeat this for all characters newly listed so that we are alerted that your character needs to be promoted.


There have been issues reported occasionally when applying if you are using Safari or Chrome.  It seems to be related to the captcha verification.  If you have problems submitting the application, you can try shutting down your browser and restarting it to clear your cache.

If you have any other problems, or if these instructions do not work, please contact Kyan in-game.