In Loving Memory

Jac Alan Fried, aka Batman

DOD: 12.17.17

Chris Etheridge, aka Olivianna (GW2 - Bear.3025)

DOD: 4.25.17

Mark Reed, aka Diyke

DOD: March 2017

Richard Morris, aka Rijo

DOD: November 2016


Bernardo Almonte, aka Kazdan

DOD: August 19, 2016
<Waiting for obit>

Justin Earl Higgins, aka Synakul, Synakaine, & Parr

(1980 - 2016)

Once and always a "Staggering Harlot". We raise our glasses to you in celebration of your life and what you added to ours!

Lawrence Hong, aka Erotes

(1986 - 2014)

Tribute and story:

A Player Has Left the Game 

David Symons, aka Sanshain 


David worked as a music therapist and teacher and had even started his own business back in 2009 called songSHINE which offered Adaptive Piano, Kindermusik, & Music Therapy services in the Metro Atlanta, GA area.  He worked with special needs kids only

1965 to 2011

Daniel Anthony Socoby, aka Totalwolf

(1965 to 2011)


Casey Jo Givan, aka Fuzzybritchez


Walter Blaine Huff, aka Hocuspocus


from Bigheadben: Walter was my very first guild leader, waaay back before RTGC started, in my first guild <Mystic Alliance> in Dark Age of Camelot. Since then, if I’ve done something to make another guildie/member feel welcome, respected and liked. . .I learned from the best. I miss Walter.

elikal I just read Blaine is dead! And quite some years. I knew him from Mystic Alliance way back. He was a cheerful and nice p...