Taint 15th Anniversary Guild Photo

On November 16, 2019 in World of Warcraft, we came together to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of RTGC's Taint Guilds on Proudmoore.  


Thank you to everyone who came out. Thank you to all the Tainters out there - past, present, and future. You make the Spreading Taint special. You make this guild a home. You make WoW more than just a video game.

Thank you to Deven for your leadership, generosity and patience. Thank you Bigheadben. Your vision is why we are still here today. Thank you to Tankyou and Kyan for shaping who we are.

Thank you to all the Taint officers and escorts. After 15 years, there's too many of you to list here. Thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears.

Thank you to Scott/Own/Singletail for these great images and for making the gathering happen by figuring out the phasing issues.

Gratz to Matt/Terg and William/Fostot on winning those mounts!

Here's to many, many more!!