RTGC Tabletop D&D Season 2
We are looking for a few good DMs*
*We will be looking to build a player pool in a month or so. Right now we need some DMs.
How does this work? Our current plan (subject to change)...
For DMs?
1. You'll join our DM group and we will collaborate on world building the basics of the world, setting, and map which will largely be hidden and revealed as groups of players adventure through the setting.
2. DMs will be free to create and build on the fly per adventure and will be responsible for updating the other DMs via our shared World document.
3. DMs will wait for players to organize groups and advertise for a DM for a specific date and time and will respond as possible.
For Players?.
1. Player Control… The Game Charter is that games only happen when the players decide to do something — the players initiate all adventures and it’s their job to schedule games and organize an adventuring party once they decide where to go.
2. Players will join our Player Pool message board (which will be either a fbook group or on the Meta Guild's enjin site (most likely).
3. There will be no regular time or Party, unless a group forms and sets a time and date and finds a DM that can run it.
4. How do players find out about the world? Each group will pick a Chronicler whose job it will be to jot down the who, when, where and wtf? of that adventure. That person then sends their notes to our Master Bard who will post it to the entire group.... this will function as a Tavern style story system where all players will have access to the "story" of other adventurers... this could lead to misadventures based on boasting of some groups or direct misinformation from rival adventuring bands... like the telephone game... just with greater life and death consequences. >:)
5. How post scheduling works: Players will post to the list saying when they want to play and what they want to do. A normal scheduling post would be something like “I’d like to play Tuesday. I want to go back and look for that ruined monastery we heard out about past the Golden Hills. I know Mike wants to play, but we could use one or two more. Who’s interested?”
Interested players chime in and negotiation ensues.
Zyix I'm interested in being a DM/Player
Rahvun - RTGC Admin a LAST CALL FOR RTGC DMs for Tabletop Season 2! Would be nice to have some women represent! All women welcome! C'mon ...