The Road Ahead

Rahvun - RTGC Admin a posted Mar 14, 13

Limited resources, a long history of gaming, and an insatiable hunger for more games has given the Rough Trade Gaming Community a definite knack for evaluating the potential for new and upcoming games. With a large horde of enthusiastic gayming members, we look for games great enough to garner mass appeal and in general, we "go big or go home”. When it comes to the RTGC, the only thing we pull out of is bad games!

The games on our radar run from the freshly launched to games still a twinkle in their developer’s eye. Check back as we update our plans and predictions.

Green Means Go!


No need to salute son, the war was over a long time ago.
Where’d you say yer family’s from? New Orleans? Well, I’m sorry for yer loss then. You didn’t get much intel while you were locked up, huh? Let me give you the lay of the land, from what I know. Miami to north of Tallahassee is a Quarantine Zone. L.A.? Mostly at the bottom of the sea. The whole goddamn US of A from Vegas to old St Louis is either a terraformed mess known as the Storm Divide, a wasteland, or worse.
Heh, I used to bang this dude name Buck from St Louis. He had the sweetest…
<Sounds of gunfire and screams>. . .

Rough Trade’s Ark Hunters will plunge into the wilds of a new San Francisco in the upcoming Syfy/Trion Defiance™. The game is new ground for RTGC because it is a multi-platform PC and console massive online shooter video game that is also a ground-breaking entertainment experience, interconnecting with a global television program on Syfy. The game combines the intense action of a third-person shooter, with the persistence and scale of a massive online game, while its TV counterpart exudes the scope, story, and drama of a classic sci-fi epic.
Join your RTGC brothers and sisters in arms and help tame a new Earth!

Green Means Go!The Elder Scrolls Online

It is the Elder Scrolls! Online! Those great races from previous ES are represented and the Rough Trade guild is diving into the most fractious, darkest faction of them all: the Ebonhearts Pact. Massive, bearish Nords, twinkish dark elves with an edge, and sly, clever lizard people. LIZARD. People. Mix that up with fantastic Elder Scrolls lore, a new take on combat, story, and questing, and hand it off to the most fabulous bunch of gays this side of Nirn, and it’s bound to be a good time.

RTGC is going to eat this game up, with its appeal to long-term players of the series. Gaymers who look forward to new challenges and building a long-term lgbt-friendly community in such an exciting IP, we’ll see you in the Elder Scrolls Online!

Green Means Go!


Visually stunning, fluid, and well developed, TERA is an action-oriented MMO with quite possibly the gayest looking toons in existence. From the twinky high elves to the massive bear humans, and of course not to forget the devilishly slutty Castanics, TERA has a bit of everything for everyone. (Including Furries, if that’s your cup of tea.) The Rough Trade guild makes its presence VERY well known on the Tempest Reach server, flying our rainbow flag high and proud, and offering a place of fun, stability, and security for gaymers and allies alike. Come be part of the family!