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We had a great turnout for our first guild picture today as a combined Horde & Alliance guild.  10 years of <Taint>, with many more to come!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Tonight, we are announcing that after 10 years of proud Horde affiliation, our fabulousness can no longer be restricted to just one faction.  Effective immediately, we will begin invitations to our brand new level 25 Alliance guild, The Spreading Taint.  Many of you may remember that this was our maiden guild name in WoW when it first launched on November 23, 2004.  We are going back to our roots, so to speak, by taking our first Alliance steps under that banner.

I am sure that the very first question is "Why?”  Why would we make this change after all this time?  Proudmoore has always been an Alliance dominated server.  At Warcraft’s peak, the Alliance outnumbered Horde on our server by 3 to 1.  Since then, the imbalance has significantly increased as the Horde population has declined.  We have all read the posts about people saying they would love to come back to the game again, but do not like the fact that Orgrimmar feels like a ghost town at times.  Many of our raid teams have left Taint in search of a more raid-supportive server or faction environment.  Unless Blizzard decides to merge servers, this trend will likely continue.

There have been a number of calls to relocate our guild to somewhere more populated, whether that be faction transferring to Alliance or going to another server to stay on Horde.  That is not as easy as it may sound at first.  When a guild is relocated, the individual members do not move with it.  Each person would have to pay for the cost of a server or faction transfer.  We are sensitive to the fact that many of our members may not be in the financial position to be able to move their characters and would be left behind.  Lots of people also have ties to other friends outside of the guild on our server.  Therefore, we will continue to maintain our guilds on Proudmoore Horde as before.  The Proudmoore community is amazing on both factions, so we wanted to ensure that we maintained that welcoming environment for our members.  We also have players who enjoy playing Alliance to see the other side of the story lines or because they like the Alliance races.  Because of all of this, branching out to Proudmoore Alliance seemed like the best option.  The addition of this new Alliance guild is not meant to replace our Horde guilds, it is just another option for our members to play on whichever faction they prefer at any time.

The process of getting an invitation to The Spreading Taint will remain the same as with the horde guilds.  You will just need to add your character to your Enjin profile and join the invite chat room the website.  If anyone decides to transfer their Horde character over to alliance, you can leave it as-is on your profile as long as you are not changing your name in the process.  Enjin will update your character eventually with the new information within a week or you can update it manually.

You may be wondering where how we managed to get a level 25 Alliance guild so quickly.  As you may have noticed, we have been consolidating our social guilds into three main guilds.  One of our guilds, Goblin Taint, was nearly empty as a result of this consolidation, so that is the guild that I transferred the other day.  It moved over with all of its features intact, including the guild bank.  We will monitor the guild population, so if The Spreading Taint fill up, we will have the ability to move one of our other social guilds not in use on the Horde side.  Along with The Spreading Taint, Taint Invaders will also be moving over to the Alliance Side.  There has been interest by prior raiders to revive the team again, and the Alliance side seemed like the best place to make that happen. 

We anticipate that there may be some challenges with getting used to managing a guild that is running on opposing factions, so we will keep an eye on things as they come up and keep you informed of how things are going.  We will start a thread soon on the WoW forums on Enjin to take questions and get your feedback.

So with that, <The Spreading Taint> is now open for business!  We look forward to welcoming all the new Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Draenei, and Worgen to the Taint family!  Oh, and yeah, Gnomes too, I guess – if we must.

2014 Proudmoore Pride

Kyan a posted May 25, 14
Please see for specific details, events, and parade route.

Once again, it is time to gather in front of the Undercity for our annual guild photo.  Following the picture, we will head off on the annual tradition of annoying the Alliance by grabbing the "Stink Bombs Away" and bombing Stormwind.  Please join us on Sunday, October 27th at 3pm PST for the festivities.  Happy Hallow's End!

This website is now LIVE!

Kyan a posted Jun 22, 13
Now that we've officially moved in here, we are making a few adjustments to the process of getting the remaining guild members & characters moved over here.  We no longer have the E-Porn Star and E-Milehigh Mbr ranks.  Those characters that are correctly listed on this site now have the normal Porn Star and MileHigh Member ranks.  Guild Members & Characters that have not shown up yet on this site will now have the "Not on Enjin" rank in-game.  You can find your rank by pressing "j", clicking on the "roster" tab, choosing "Guild Status" in the View box, and finding your name in the list - your rank is the 2nd column.  This "Not on Enjin" rank, unlike the other ranks, does not have access to guild banks or repair funds. 

1)  If you are not a member of Rough Trade Gaming Community yet, please fill out the application:
2)  Once approved, go to your profile page, character tab, select RTGC in the drop-down and add only your Taint characters
3)  Finally, in-game, go to each of your Taint characters you have listed, find that character in the guild list like you did above, click on it, and change your player note to "ENJIN"**only** if the rank is currently "Not on Enjin".  This will flag the character for a promotion in-game.  You do not need to change the note to "ENJIN" if you are already a Porn Star or Milehigh Member.

Once that is done, you're all set!  Explore the new website and all of the games & forums associated with it.